Angel Mercury (angelmerc0) wrote in ccc_jam,
Angel Mercury

It's almost that time again...

Ok, so ACen's almost here and only a few more weeks till finals time. I wish everyone good luck and hope to see you guys there ^.^

So how bout this awesome spring weather? While it's a bit on the gloomy side today, the tempurature still makes it lovely and a little rain is wonderful, too bad I don't have an umbrella... ^.^

I wanted to take a sorta poll in effort to find out more about people at columbia who are into anime and also to create more conversation in this journal. Unfortunetly this is a free account so I don't think I can make an official poll so instead just respond either to this entry, or make one of your own. Hope to hear from you!

What's your Gender?
What year at Columbia are you?
What's you favorite Genre of Anime?
What anime series are you currently watching?
What Manga are you currently reading?
Do you like sushi (vegitable or otherwise)?
and purely for my own curiousity,
Do you like your tea sweetend or bitter?

Please take a momment to answer these questions, I'm looking forward to your responses ^.^ (I'll respond in a seperate post)
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