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Are you all still active..?

Aww, I haven't heard from anyone yet. Thus, I'm leaving the community.. for now. I will most likely be back in the near future. ^_^ I'm still keeping this place on my friends list though. If any of you would still like to contact me, please e-mail me. My contacts are in my user info.

I hope you all enjoy your summer!

What's your Gender?

What year at Columbia are you?
Incoming freshmen (hopefully! ^^;)

What's you favorite Genre of Anime?
Shoujo, action, drama, comedy, and a little shounen-ai.

What anime series are you currently watching?
Earth Maiden Arjuna.

What Manga are you currently reading?
A few different titles, but mainly Gravitation.

Do you like sushi (vegitable or otherwise)?
Yes. My favorites are California Rolls (with crab meat), and salmon. I've tried Tuna too, and thought it was okay.

and purely for my own curiousity,
Do you like your tea sweetend or bitter?

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