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Okay, what's SHE doing here..

Hi everyone! My name is Ashley. First off, I'm not a student from Columbia College. The reason I joined this community is because I'm currently a high school senior who will be applying to Columbia. I almost flipped when I saw this place! I'm a HUGE anime fan, and I had no idea that Columbia even had an Anime Club. This makes me feel even more excited about possibly attending this college.

I suppose I could introduce myself a bit better, but more info on me can be found at my info page.

I hope to hear some feedback from you all. I'd like very much if you could tell me what college life is like there. It seemed like a very nice campus when I visited last week. ^_^V
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me too! ^^ so how was the campus?
I thought the campus was awesome! Columbia is like my dream school, but I can't afford to go there without taking out a loan (which I really don't want to do.) I'm attending a community college for free right now, getting all of my general education classes out the way. I hope to graduate within a year or so, and transfer to a four year school of my choice. ^_^

How about you? And what are your thoughts on Columbia?
yeah its my first choice. as long as i can afford it and find a way to travel back and forth (to home), im def going there.

havent been there yet.. i live 13+ hours away.. still trying to figure out how ill do the transportation costs.. 350/person/day for a hotel&plane was the cheapest my mother found.. irk.