Angel Mercury (angelmerc0) wrote in ccc_jam,
Angel Mercury

A Lil' Update for everyone...

Well No one's posting anything here but me it seems, But Anime Club continues to meet. We are preparing for our Anual trip to ACen. Anyone who wishes to stay in the club hotel room, or get a refund on their admission must come to one of the upcoming meetings so I can take you information. Our proposal must be in 3 weeks prior to the event. If you want a refund you MUST Pre-register for ACen. You can do so by mail or online at the ACen website:

Also, attendance to the meetings has been minamal the last few weeks. The club is open for members to make it what they want. If you have ideas about what would make the club more interesting to you, feel free to show up and make sugestions, we'd love to hear from ya!

See you soon!
J.A.M. President
Eva Snyder
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ACK!! I wanna stay in the hotel w/ you guys! I'm going to be paying my ACEN admission in about a week & a half, though
If you haven't yet, you'll need to atend a meeting. While the club is open to anyone, since there will be someone responsible for the room itself and everyone will be sharing space we're requiring anyone who will be staying in the J.A.M. room to come to a meeting, sign up, and introduce themselves. This is also to help prevent people who don't participate in the club from abusing our funds.